About Sasha

A wise person once told me that my strengths were in solving problems in 3 dimensional space. I am someone who really loves people, so I design and create clothing. The problems I solve are how to make my clients’ creative ideas and visions into reality. My goal is to make the process a satisfying creative collaboration.

My mother taught me how to sew when I was 9 years old, and in college I walked into a costume shop and haven’t been far from a sewing studio since. I earned a BFA in Theater Design from the University of Montana. After a decade spent consumed by theatrical costuming I started my own business doing custom design and sewing. I think of patternmaking and clothing design as a marriage of geometry and artistry in fabric, and see myself as a softgoods engineer. I always love new challenges, from corsets for people who have scoliosis, to making dresses that become tents, and I look forward to hearing about your projects.