Day 27, The 100 Day Stitch

Nothing like walking into the studio to a table covered in fabric, and walking out with a finished pair of pants 90 minutes later. Here are my fun an fabulous printed palazzo pants! They look like they are ready for a party, or to just lounge on the couch. 

I am finding time to sew every day, but on most days that means I'm only working for an hour or two while my 20 month old son takes a nap. So on day 26 of the project, I traced a pair of high waisted leggings onto my paper roll, then altered the pattern to make it into wide legged palazzo pants instead of narrow leggings. 



The most surprisingly time consuming part of the project was matching the very distinct pattern so it was mirrored on the right and left sides of the pants.  I'm lucky I had enough fabric to cut the front out of one length, and the back out of another.  I'm a big fan of intentional pattern matching, which can make your sewing projects look more professional. 

Sasha VermelComment