Put A Bird On It

Inspired by #The100DayProject https://www.the100dayproject.org/ I haved decided to jump on the bandwagon to do #The100DayStitch. Thats 100 days of sewing on projects big and small. I'm starting this on vacation, so I needed an easy mobil project. This backpack was conference swag my husband brought home, but I really like to wear it skiing. However, the last time I was on the slopes far too many people asked if I worked for Salesforce, so I needed a patch to cover the logo and make the backpack mine. In a big house in Tahoe, filled with kids, I quickly cut out a cloud and a swallow. My five year old daughter saw me and asked to make her own patch. When she finished that in short order as I was attending to my 19 month old, I gave her my half finished project. If you look closely at the stitches you can see how half are small and tight, and the other half are longer and looser. Overall she did a fine job of helping me. I'm so proud and happy that she wants to sew with me. 

Sasha Vermel