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In Defense of Creative Play

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend who is also self employed in a creative field. He was feeling guilty that he was wasting time by spending his day toying around with an idea which was not going to pay the bills or develop a business plan. I pushed back against his guilt, defending the necessity of that kind of creative play. Who is he to say it won’t lead to a breakthrough or big idea that could enhance the kind of work he does. The truth of the matter is that I really wish I spent more time playing with ideas in design and sewing construction for the sake of asking, “What if I did this?”

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Choosing The Fabric

I probably have too much fabric in my studio. I inherited some, some are leftover from client projects, but way too many of them were purchased in fits of optimism. When I was in college, one of my mentors sent me to an estate sale. "She who dies with the most fabric wins. And this woman was a winner." My studio may give this woman some competition.


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